‘Cooller’ Ceramic Ocarina in C Major

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12-Hole Ocarina made of high grade ceramic. It is accurately tuned to C major in the Alto/Tenor range. It has a simple design, but a beautiful round tone. It includes:

  • ‘Cooller’ Ocarina
  • Protective ocarina bag
  • Booklet with playing instructions & sheet music
  • Beautiful neck strap

The ‘Cooller’ ocarina is shaped for optimal sound quality, tuning and playability..

The ocarina is made of high grade ceramic and features the classic 12-hole design. It is tuned to C Major, in the Alto-Tenor range. This is the most common and most versatile key for ocarinas to be tuned in. It is an accurately tuned instrument with a beautiful round tone.

Recommended for beginners who want a quality ocarina, or ocarina players who are looking to upgrade to a better instrument.

The ocarina comes with the following accessories:

  • Protective ocarina bag
  • Instructional booklet with playing instructions and sheet music
  • Beautiful neck strap

Blue, White


C Major




12-Hole Sweet Potato

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