10-Tone Kalimba in C Major (Koa)

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Our 10-Tone Kalimba is made of Koa tonewood. It includes:

  • 10-Key Kalimba
  • Protective bag
  • Instruction booklet
  • Tuning tool
  • Thumb picks

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Our 10-Tone Kalimba allows you to play 10 unique tones in the key of C major. The Kalimba is made of Koa tonewood, which results in a calm and mellow sound.

The Kalimba with your thumbs, and can be played with the included thumb picks for a different tone. Because of this the instrument is also known as the ‘thumb piano’. It possible to play with the skin of your thumbs, as well as with your finger nails.

Because the Kalimba is tuned diatonically, it is impossible to play ‘wrong’ notes. All the notes blend in with each other naturally. The tones are accurately tuned in the key of C major. You can also play in A minor, and other modes related to C major.

It is a perfect instrument for improvising, and of course you can also learn to play existing songs on the Kalimba. Our Kalimbas come with a booklet that help you learn how to play the Kalimba, and it also teaches you how to play a song.

The following accessories are included with the Kalimba:

  • Protective bag
  • Instruction booklet
  • Tuning tool
  • Thumb picks
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C Major



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